Munchies Menu 


Small Bites

Soft Pretzel $3

A warm, soft, salted pretzel is the new black – goes with everything, always in-style. A dash of spicy brown mustard completes the look. 

Hummus & Pita (VG)  $3

2oz of Hummus topped with za’atar seasoning and served with Pita Triangles (VG). 

Pickles & Olives $8

A mix of Greek olives and cornichon pickles. A salty, delicious palette cleanser.


Soup & Salads

Tomato Bisque $5

A cup of the classic! Try it paired with a Grilled Cheese and a crisp Pilsner or Helles Lager.

Burrata Salad $9

Handmade Burrata by Murray’s Cheese, topped with Roasted Tomatoes & Balsamic Vinegar. Comes with grilled sourdough crisp.



Big Bites

Growler Grillers! $9

The OG - Your choice of Cheddar or Swiss (or a combo!) plus Roasted Tomato Jam on Sourdough.  Just like mom used to make, if mom was a Green Dog who served craft beer.


Red Pepper & Hallumi - Diced Fire Roasted Red Bell Peppers & Grilled Hallumi


The Zapper - Jalapeno Jam with Creole Seasoning and Monterey Jack cheese. 



Swiss & Pickles - Chopped cornichon pickle jam with Swiss cheese & Spicy Brown Mustard.

Flatbreads $10

The ‘Nina’-politan - Roasted & Marinated Tomato Jam w/ Italian seasoning, topped with Mozzarella Cheese (V)


Pesto & Hallumi - Basil Pesto, with thick slices of grilled sheep’s milk cheese.  Drizzled with roasted tomato oil. (V)


The Mediterranean - Hummus & Roasted Red Peppers w/ Olive Brine & Balsamic Vinegar (VG)


Buffalo Chicken - spicy chicken topped w/ Mozzarella & Blue Cheese Crumbles. 

Spicy BBQ Chicken - Chicken Breast chopped & tossed in BBQ Sauce served a top Jalapeno Jam w/ Creole Seasoning & Monterey Jack Cheese.

make any griller into a flatbread or vice-versa!